Monday, October 10, 2011

Big News That Isn't News

I just got on and checked the New York Times and Washington Post. Both lead with the same story: "U.N. Finds ‘Systematic’ Torture in Afghanistan," and "Afghan detainees tortured in prison, U.N. says." The Afghan government is torturing prisoners? No way! I'm totally shocked.

Out of concern about prisoner mistreatment, the NATO coalition said last month that it had stopped transferring detainees it arrested to 16 Afghan-run detention centers. The U.N. report said Afghan authorities were taking steps to address the problem.
If I were someone who cared how the Afghan government treated prisoners, I'd see the NATO action as a ridiculously belated effort at public relations and nothing more. No one with the slightest clue who paid even a little bit of attention has ever thought that the Afghan government treated prisoners by some sort of Western standards.

What's the next story to headline the New York Times and Washington Post? How about U.N Finds Endemic Corruption in Afghanistan?

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