Sunday, July 26, 2009

HOT5 Daily 7/26/2009

1. "Victory – An Obsolete Concept?" The importance of victory.

Representative Sample: wars end only through defeat and victory; if you don't win a war you lose it. In today's world, I call for a U.S. victory over radical Islam and an Israeli victory over the Palestinians. This emphasis on victory fits into a long line of military analysis.

2. "The Funny Thing Is, Obama Could Easily Have a Health Care Bill, If..." If he actually wanted to compromise.

Representative Sample: He would get most of the Republicans, all of the Blue Dogs, and a third or more of the liberals who don't want to destroy their own president; that adds up to a minimum of 230 in the House and at least 55 in the Senate, in both cases likely more. The die-hards on both Left and Right could vote against it to satisfy their constituents, but it would still pass

3. "With Friends Like This..." Faith & Atheism. Unfortunately, the difference has to be explained over and over again.

Representative Sample: there seems to be a new one every week, a Christian who claims atheism is a kind of faith. So let's parse this nonsense and explain again the chasm of distinction between belief and non-belief.

4. "Is Barack Obama An American Citizen?" Not in Birther World. Everything depends on what reality you inhabit. Pretty amusing article.

Representative Sample: While traditional adherence to quaint philosophic concepts might make it appear that the evidence overwhelmingly favors the conclusion that Barack Obama is a United States citizen, it is clear that this cannot be the case so long as we don’t pay any attention to the idea that there is an objective reality.

5. "Stuck On Stupidly" Interesting perspective on the Gates incident.

Representative Sample: I would hope Sgt. James Crowley thinks long and hard before he goes to the White House for that beer with President Obama and the “renowned” Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

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  2. No problem. I came across your blog on an atheist news feed and liked the post.