Saturday, February 27, 2010

HOT5 Daily 2/27/2010

1. "Be Proud of The Party of NO" I strongly agree. Blocking terrible ideas from the administration & its allies is exactly what the GOP should be doing as the minority party. 

Representative Sample: this country was founded on saying NO to bad ideas. NO to Taxation without representation, NO to the stamp act, NO to the King, NO to tyranny, NO to subjugation.

2. "Excellent James Corum Piece on Obama Foreign Policy" Links a good article.

Representative Sample: Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are apparently clueless about some of the most basic aspects of foreign policy: supporting one’s friends and fencing in one’s adversaries.

3. "10 questions every creationist must answer…" Some good ones.

Representative Sample: If you expect your critique of evolution to be given equal time, make sure that you’ve put in as much work on the topic as the person you’ve approached. And I mean on the topic. Exclusively read Ken Ham does not qualify. I mean text-book biology.

4. "Obama’s Ignorance A Liability" This story is all over the right side of the blogosphere, but still worth highlighting. Obama simply does not know what he's talking about on many subjects.

Representative Sample: If Sarah Palin had said this, it would have been regarded as just more proof that she was unqualified to be Vice President (which is pretty easy, actually; according to Biden). In the meantime, this is what we’re stuck with in the Oval Office.

5. "Ask Nanny State!" Funny but too close to reality.

Representative Sample: Each week, syndicated columnist Nanny State publishes her favorite anecdotes depicting hapless individuals in need of more government attention, assistance, succor and programs.

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