Wednesday, July 27, 2011

German Holocaust Reparations

World War II ended sixty-six years ago, but Germany is still paying reparations to Israel for the Holocaust. According to Strategy Page, Israel's purchase of German Dolphin-class submarines has been subsidized by Germany as part of ongoing Holocaust reparations.
Germany has agreed to pay 20 percent of the cost of a sixth Dolphin class submarine for Israel, which was ordered earlier this year. Two more are under construction, and will arrive in the next two years. ... The first two Dolphins were paid for by Germany, as was most of the cost of the third one. This is more of German reparations for World War II atrocities against Jews.
It's interesting that Holocaust reparations are helping pay for a key strategic force that helps ensure that Israel will not suffer a new holocaust.
The Israelis have developed a cruise missile, which is has a range of 1,500 kilometers and carries a 200 kiloton nuclear warhead. The objective of deploying nukes on subs is to further enhance deterrence to any nation launching a nuclear strike against Israel.
How long will Germany continue paying Holocaust reparations? According to an Israeli source the 2011 German budget for reparations is 110 million euros, to be used to compensate the estimated 520,000 survivors still alive worldwide. But the new submarine cost $650 million, twenty percent of which is 130 million.

I'm a big supporter of Israel, and it's nice that they can get the Germans to subsidize submarine purchases. If I were a German, however, I'd be pretty annoyed at this whole arrangement.They're already paying 110 million euros to survivors.


  1. I think it's ironic that Israel is using Holocaust reparations to maintain a Palestinian holocaust.

  2. Couldn't you also see this as corporate welfare for German sub manufacturers?

  3. "I think it's ironic that Israel is using Holocaust reparations to maintain a Palestinian holocaust. "

    Except for that fact that there isn't any Palestinian holocaust.

    "Couldn't you also see this as corporate welfare for German sub manufacturers? "

    I guess that could be an angle.

  4. We must destroy this illusion and brainwashing that "Countries" commit crimes. This is an obvious way for criminals to avoid liability for lying, murder, and theft. Individual PEOPLE commit crimes, not "Countries," so only those individuals responsible for crimes should be blamed. For example, if "The USA" had been forced to pay reparations to ex-slaves, why on earth would abolitionists be taxed to make these payments? It makes no sense.

    Innocent residents of a "state" are forced into submission, and should not be held accountable for the actions of others. So, why are German people, the majority of whom were born AFTER 1945, robbed at gun point (taxed) to pay for crimes committed by others, for which they had no responsibility? You are witnessing a theft in progress.

  5. "Except for that fact that there isn't any Palestinian holocaust."

    Yes there is. And, you and your fellow men are always turning blind eye to that holocaust. Why? Because, the USA is controlled by Jews.

  6. Make no mistake about It! It,S the oil in the region!

  7. the jews were kicked out of europe and put into palestine. then they found that palestine was full of arabs. so they just followed plan B. kill the arabs and try to kick out the rest and then have the U.S. and U.K. recognize the new jewish state israel in 1948 right after the so colled nazi jews holocaust. How wonderful.

  8. So where does your 'support" for Israel come in?

    It reads like you think Israel doesn't 'deserve' German U-boats. And it reads like they would know exactly what to do with them.

    (tongue out of ccheek)