Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gallup Poll on 2012 GOP Candidates

A new Gallup poll shows that Palin, Romney & Huckabee -- in that order -- are the leading choice of Republicans and "Republican-leaning independents" in 2012.  Hopefully Republicans can come up with some better options before then.  Let's consider these three in reverse order.

Huckabee.  An populist who likes to mix his religious beliefs with policy, and who isn't particularly conservative except on social issues.  No thanks.  He's my least favorite of the three.

Romney.  Mitt seems like a decent guy, is an ok speaker, and is the best on economic policy.  He's my top choice of the three.  But his campaign this year didn't exactly catch fire.  He couldn't even get the nomination in a fairly weak field of candidates.  Why would he do better in 2012?

Palin.  Much of the base loves her, but I think that's as much a reaction to the insane hatred & smears of her by the left as anything else. Other than energy and her social conservative positions, what do we actually know about her policy views? Does anyone really think she has a good grasp of national issues? What about her performance during the campaign actually makes people think she'd be a good candidate in 2012? She gave a good acceptance speech and was great at the convention.  From then on it was all downhill. Why does she deserve a shot at the top of the ticket?

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