Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden Finally Eliminated

I was watching the Phillies - Mets game, still in progress as I write this, when the announcement came. Bin Laden, aside from being a murderous enemy, was a tough survivor. The Soviet Union couldn't manage to kill him, and we've been after him for at least ten years. As many suspected he was hiding out in Pakistan. It's great to see the U.S. pull off an effective covert operation, kill our most wanted terrorist enemy, and sustain no casualties in the process.

Covert teams assigned to kill enemy leaders should be one of our main weapons in this asymmetric war against radical Islamic non-state terrorists. It's unclear exactly who comprised this particular team, but based on first reports it appears to have been a CIA/military collaboration.
The death of Bin Laden should send a message to other enemies that if we can find and kill him, we can kill them too.


  1. This is wonderful news.

    While the War on Islamic Terror is not over, this has undoubtedly sent a clear message to our enemies. I was 11 years old when Al-Qaeda attacked America. Even as a young Canadian kid, I knew my life had changed. 9/11 completely re-oriented my interest from the Cartoon Network over to watching the news and absorbing current events.

    This is a great start to the summer holidays.

  2. I hear Trump is demanding to see the death certificate.