Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pew Research Center Misidentifies Me as a Libertarian

Although I have some libertarian positions, any actual libertarian reading this site for even a short time knows that I'm not a libertarian. But the Pew Research Center's "Political Typology" Quiz gets it wrong. Looking over the results, I think these were the key factors that caused me to be mislabeled:
  • Accepting of homosexuality
  • Less religious than the average American
  • Moderate views about immigrants compared to other GOP-oriented groups
In fairness to Pew, I'm hard to pin down exactly, and they do have this caveat.
Most people, but not all, are good fits for their group. Some patterns of responses to the value questions and party affiliation just do not match up well with any of the groups. The procedure will assign everyone to the group that fits them best, even if they are not a very good fit with any of the groups. And some people may actually be good fits for more than one group, since some of the groups are quite similar in many of their views.
Check out the quiz and see if it identifies your political outlook correctly.



  2. Don't feel bad they nailed me with the same classification. Not that I mind being called a libertarian or anything, it's just that it is part of my make-up not the totality as their results imply.

    I think their line of questioning was far too rigid also. But I guess what can you expect from a 20 question quiz.

  3. I'm apparently "Post-Modern". I have to admit, about 60% of what it said was accurate. The other 40% put me a bit farther into the other political party than I usually put myself.