Thursday, July 28, 2011

Good Analysis of Leftist "Imagination"

Shannon Love at Chicago Boyz dissects leftist pretensions to superior imagination.
One constant refrain from leftists is that non-leftists just don’t have the “courage” to imagine a better world. Leftists actively credit themselves not for actually making the world a better place but for making intense emotional investments in delusional, fantasy utopias such as the communist utopia predicted by Marxism.
Naturally, their idea of a better world always includes more state control and central planning.
It is no accident that Marxism, communism and fascism appealed to “intellectuals” everywhere whereas free-market philosophies appealed to virtually none. In a free-market society, self-styled intellectuals are reduced to the role of teachers and authors. The ability to manipulate people to vote this or that way grants little influence in a society in which the vast majority of decisions are made by individuals who must assume immediate responsibility for the consequences of those decisions. It’s easier to persuade someone to spend someone else’s money collected at the point of a state gun than it is to persuade them to spend their own money voluntarily.
Exactly. The whole article is on point.

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  1. That's one way of writing off the opinions of people clearly smarter than the author. Not an effective way, but certainly one of them.