Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Myth of Republican Intransigence on the Debt Ceiling

The Democratic narrative is that Republicans are being intransigent and unreasonable regarding the debt ceiling. This myth is debunked in a good article by Michael D. Tanner called, "The Intransigent Meet the Unserious."
Republicans have clearly drawn a line in the sand, opposing any tax increase. But Democrats have been even more unbending, resisting any serious structural reform of entitlements or deep spending cuts, while insisting on huge tax hikes as part of any deal.
There is no reason that a deal on raising the debt ceiling has to include tax hikes -- other than Democratic insistence. In addition, the planned cuts aren't even that significant, yet Democrats still demand tax hikes.
the deal that the Republicans are currently offering would actually allow federal revenue, federal spending, and the national debt all to increase over the next decade. They have abandoned structural changes to entitlement programs — anything like Paul Ryan's Medicare reform is off the table — and appear to have dropped calls for a balanced-budget amendment or a spending cap.

This is radical? This is intransigence? If only.

The whole article is worth reading as a contrast to Democratic propaganda.


  1. Are you seriously going to perpetuate the conservative narrative? Because Democrats conceded spending cuts ages ago, and the Republican plan doesn't balance the budget. This is why we need to eliminate tax loopholes and tax cuts.

    The Republicans are grand-standing, and it's amusing to see so many Bush-era alumni acting concerned with the debt suddenly.

  2. "Are you seriously going to perpetuate the conservative narrative?"

    Of course, because it is much more accurate than the liberal narrative, which is usually the case.

    "Because Democrats conceded spending cuts ages ago"

    In what world did that happen? Democrats scream and cry about any significant cut -- other than defense of course. They haven't conceded a thing. At most they are willing to make some cosmetic changes, but for that they demand tax increases. Democrats rejected the recommendations of Obama's own deficit commission out of hand.

    "This is why we need to eliminate tax loopholes and tax cuts."

    There is no reason tax loopholes can't be addressed after a deal is reached on spending cuts.

    "The Republicans are grand-standing"

    If actually attempting to enact some real cuts to government spending is grand standing, hopefully they will continue to do so.

    "nd it's amusing to see so many Bush-era alumni acting concerned with the debt suddenly. "

    Oh please. No matter how much Republicans wanted to spend under Bush, Democrats wanted to spend more. That hasn't changed one bit. The reason people are more concerned is because the fiscal situation is now far worse after years of the Obama presidency. And obviously the economy is bad with no signs of getting much better any time soon.

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