Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Top Reasons I'm Skeptical of Any Budget Deal

Tax increases will be real, cuts will be mostly budget gimmicks.

The use of imaginary numbers and various projections.

Only a portion of the GOP, found mostly in the House, really wants significant cuts. I have no faith in the GOP leadership.

Most Democrats want increased taxes and spending, not cuts (except to defense).

The president is a proven, blatant liar who cannot be trusted.

Politicians in general prefer short-term solutions that enable them to pretend to be solving problems, without addressing long-term issues.

The unintended consequences of any plan which will be completely ignored, as usual.


  1. I'm predicting that the debt ceiling will be raised without any changes. Both sides will duke out those issues in 2012.

  2. @pzmyers for chronic lying idiot myers

    winner of the ORWELL PRIZE is

  3. Republicans shouldn't have taken a hostage they weren't willing to shoot.