Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Effective Missile Defense

The Christian Science Monitor has a report on Israel's "Iron Dome" rocket defense system that credits it with contributing to a cease-fire with Hamas.
A key factor supporting the cease-fire was a new weapons system that allows Israel to protect its citizens and thereby lessen public pressure for swift retaliatory strikes on Gaza.

Though not fool-proof, the "Iron Dome" missile-defense system shot down about 20 militant rockets in recent days before they landed in Israel cities. That provided a window for mediators from Egypt and the United Nations to step in and calm the situation.
Iron Dome achieved a 93% success rate even though it has only deployed two of the fifteen batteries planned for defense against the Gaza terrorist attacks. For once the U.S. is getting its money's worth from some foreign aid, since Israel is essentially field-testing missile defense technology applicable to U.S. systems under actual hostile conditions.
Experts say the technology of Israel’s anti-missile interceptors – which also includes the Arrow II missile for Iranian ballistic rockets – is based on the same concepts as the US-conceived Star Wars missile defense program.
The other benefit, as the article emphasizes, is that effective defense against rockets lessens the need for immediate Israeli retaliation. This is important, since alone among states, Israel is expected to absorb rocket attacks against its cities without taking any serious retaliatory measures. When it takes even minimal measures against Gaza, its actions are called "excessive force" by Israel-haters and their useful idiots worldwide, and it comes under tremendous pressure to refrain from doing things necessary to protect its citizens. Even though it should have the right to use whatever force necessary to eliminate the terrorist threat from Gaza, Israel's unique position makes this rocket defense system even more significant than otherwise -- at least until Gaza terrorists find a new preferred method for targeting Israeli civilians.


  1. Yeah, I heard about Iron Dome in The Economist a few weeks ago. It sounds like it has a lot of promise.

  2. Reminds me of something I have recently heard about I think it was called 'the Iron Curtain' where missile weapons are destroyed before impact on a vehicle...

    This alone isn't enough for Israel of course. Israel needs to stop the blockade and stop expanding their territory (into already occupied areas).

  3. Iron Curtain is an active protection system for vehicles. There may be some similarities in the technology, although it is presumably easier to defend a single vehicle than an entire geographic area.

    As for Israel, it would be crazy to stop the blockade while Gaza is ruled by a terrorist group that is already launching attacks. That would just result in even more weapon stockpiles in Gaza. If anything they should tighten the blockade. And the settlements, if that's what you are referring to, have little to do with Gaza.

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