Thursday, August 18, 2011

Obama on Vacation

As usual whenever a president goes on vacation, he takes criticism, usually from political opponents.
some Americans say it is not appropriate for the president to leave the White House when financial markets are plummeting and unemployment remains high. ... Criticism of the trip is not limited to Mr. Obama’s political opponents. Some Democrats are expressing concern about the appearance of the president taking a vacation in an affluent resort area while millions of Americans are out of work.
GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney made it an issue, saying that the president should release his supposed economic plan before going on vacation. I have a different opinion. I'd like to see the president take a vacation for the rest of his term. He can relax with the family, play a bunch of golf, maybe even do some campaigning. The last thing I want to see Obama doing is working, and coming up with "solutions" to the country's problems.

I know Mitt Romney is just trying to score some cheap political points, but why in the world would he be interested in hearing an economic plan from an administration that is part of the problem with the economy? Unless the plan involves the resignation of the president or a bunch of his top advisers and appointees, we can do without hearing it indefinitely. Any Republican should be cheering when the president goes on vacation, because when he's off relaxing, he isn't actively doing any more damage. Have a great time on vacation Mr. President, and don't hurry back.


  1. This literally made me laugh out loud. It brought a new perspective to the fore, that's for sure. And you only have to think about it for a couple seconds to see the rationale for your argument.

    You're a good writer.

  2. You made me stop and think, too. I realized this whole "where's your economic plan?" meme is silly. No plan at all would be better than pretty much everything that's been tried since summer 2008. So you could say that those of us without plans have done better than the people whose plans have been implemented.

  3. It doesn't matter who is in charge, the system will force the president to take the steps to stabilize it. If a Obama wins the election, spending will decreased and taxes raised. If a Republican wins, spending will be decreased and taxes raised (Don't believe me about taxes - read Warren Buffets statement).

    What is really needed is a shakeup of the system and a crackdown on corruption.