Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Aftermath

We were prepared for the worst but it wasn't as bad as expected, at least at my house. We had a massive amount of rain and some high winds, but the winds weren't as high as they could have been. There were no thunderstorms either, and we did not lose power. There's still a fair amount of wind, and our power often goes out with little reason, so hopefully our good fortune will continue.

I haven't been away from the house, but apparently this area, Salem County, NJ, had major flooding that caused at least one death and closed roads. Overall though, we were lucky compared to the possibilities that had been predicted.


  1. I'm glad you are safe, but I've never seen so much doom and gloom over a a level ONE storm. Out here in Utah the news covered it like it was the end of the East. I was hoping it would do a little something more to Times Square.

    Good luck with your power issues.

  2. Thanks. I think it was just because we never have hurricanes go right up the east coast like that.