Friday, June 3, 2011

Atheists in India

Although atheists aren't exactly popular in the U.S., we have it pretty good compared to many countries. I came across an interesting article on the growth of atheism in India.
Spurred by online social networks, atheist and "free thinker" support groups are mushrooming in India's major cities.
as a recent survey reveals, the Western perception of India's benign, hippie spirituality is a fantasy. Despite 60 years of democracy, India remains one of the world's most repressive societies, according to a global study published in Science last week. And even as political groups routinely use religion to stoke hatred and provoke deadly riots, the constitution and the law seem bent on intertwining — rather than separating — religion and the state.
The article goes on to note that Indian atheists face intense family pressure to conform to religious norms, and that open unbelief is the province of only a tiny fraction of India's huge population. Check it out.


  1. I've been kvetching about Hinduism for a while. It typically gets a free pass in the West.

  2. I don't think most people in the West even think about Hinduism unless something calls it to their attention.

  3. I'm an Atheist and I proved that gods can't exist and I've not been funded by anyone. I just hope that someone finds my theory and finally fund me for it. Here is my theory.

  4. From New Delhi India,

    In India, it really doesn't matter if you are religious or atheist as it is a country of co-existing religions, and faith is considered a sensitive issue. Atheism has been promoted by various sects of Hinduism and calling yourself an atheist wouldn't do you any harm.

    However, having said that, India is one of the most socially conservative countries of the world. Though the laws are liberal and punish discrimination, social interactions are highly skewed towards people conforming to conservative ideas about family, marriage and society. A non-arranged marriage, single parent, sex out of wedlock, inter-caste or inter-racial marriage are seen as abominations and moral depravity, though this has nothing to do with religion.