Monday, June 13, 2011

LeBron James on God & Timing

After losing the NBA championship to the Dallas Mavericks, LeBron James had this to say on Twitter.

"The Greater Man upstairs knows when it's my time," James tweeted. "Right now isn't my time."
This joins the many sports quotes attributing losses or victories in some way to God, rather than to things that are just a bit more concrete. Maybe LeBron hasn't considered that it was his time, but he just blew it. His apparent malaise in the fourth quarter throughout most of the series, his invisibility in game 4, and the Heat's inability to hold a lead late in most of the games might have had a bit more to do with their loss than whether or not God thought it was time for for LeBron James to win a championship.

I know I'm picking on LeBron, but I was just reading post-game coverage and happened to notice his tweet. There were the usual interviews after the game with Mavericks players thanking God, as if an imaginary being chooses sides in sports contests. Then again, maybe he hates the Miami Heat too, like most people who aren't Heat fans.


  1. God is not a person- it is a feeling within you. Some day it will make sense.

  2. That feeling has a name: psychosis.

  3. jason terry is the most annoying in this respect. he should be saying "to dirk be the glory." he's definitely more omnipotent. and tyson chandler is more omnipresent. and brian cardinal definitely strikes me as more omniscient.

  4. I find that those who say "some day it will make sense" are monumentally condescending - that they alone are privy to some special insight about the universe, and that unless we believe as they do, then we "don't get it".

    It drives me batty.