Thursday, June 30, 2011

Good Advice for Republicans

Here's Bruce McQuain at Questions & Observations on what Republicans should say to Obama's tax increase demands.
“Mr. President, when the government has proven that it can indeed cut spending and cut it drastically, and it has done everything it can conceivably do in that regard, if there is a revenue problem at the bottom of it, then we can discuss tax increases. But until such a time that it is proven – through action, you know actual cuts – that the government has done all it can in the area of spending cuts, there’s nothing further to discuss in terms of tax increases.”
Exactly. Let's hope Congressional Republicans stick to that position. I'm not entirely confident they will.


  1. I was looking at a Yahoo artivle today that the debt ceiling may to unconstitutional and Obama may be able to ignore Congress. What a freakin' mishugaus.

  2. Yeah, that's the latest tactic to avoid making cuts. We'll see if there is actually a serious challenge to its constitutionality.