Thursday, June 2, 2011

Walmart Expands Into Africa

Walmart just purchased a local chain in South Africa, and has plans to expand further into Africa. Not surprisingly, there are Walmart-haters in Africa too, led by unions.
South African unions announced plans to strike at Massmart stores, and South African government officials promised to review the deal. But Massmart itself says that it plans to open 50 to 100 new shops in South Africa and Wal-Mart itself plans to expand deeper into the 53 other countries of the African continent.
I wrote about Walmart-haters awhile back, who have succeed in depriving people of its benefits in some U.S. cities. It looks like South Africa may have Walmarts before places in the U.S. that could really use one, such as Detroit.


  1. Penn and Teller did an interesting episode in their series, Bullshit!, on Wallmart haters - one can find excerpts on Youtube.

    While Walmart coporation is not "a saint" (no better or worse then other big box retailers) they aren't evil incarnate trying to turn everyone into slaves. Walmart has and continues to open stores in areas which have been economically depressed for years (even before the current recession/depression occured) providing jobs for generally unskilled people and on average provide many goods and services at lower then average retail costs.

  2. Yes, I like Penn & Teller. I remember them doing one on Walmart.