Thursday, February 10, 2011

HOT5 Daily 2/10/2011

1. "Liberal Fascism Rising" Excerpts and links good article from David Harsanyi.

Representative Sample: All of these phenomenal success stories (thanks to Ira Stoll at The Future of Capitalism blog for pointing this out) also share, in one way or another, the privilege of feeding at gumit’s welfare trough. Oh yes, these exemplars of good corporate citizenry prove they can compete in a marketplace with taxpayer funds. Which will no doubt make them more compliant with the administration’s wishes.

2. "Egypt: With Ludicrous Lies The Muslim Brotherhood Shows Its Contempt for West" An excellent debunking of Islamist propagandist Tariq Ramadan's latest at the NYT.

Representative Sample: If Ramadan--who, let's remember, is no Muslim Brotherhood street tough but supposedly the most sophisticated Islamic intellectual in the world as well as being a professor at major universities--had produced a very clever item of disinformation, I would have been impressed. Yet the absurdity he wrote shows his contempt for the audience. I've never seen anything more thoroughly reveal his phoniness.

3. "I now pronounce the Archbishop of Canterbury officially insane" He's definitely out there.

Representative Sample: This is the man, after all, who is supposed to stand for the highest Christian traditions — traditions that include respect for the sanctity of life and law. For him to treat an axe murderer in precisely the same way he treats the shopkeeper on the street corner is a travesty of the notions of grace, decency and ethics.

4. "Arabs to uproot 3000 trees - because they are too Jewish" Speaking of insanity.

Representative Sample: Non-indigenous pine trees, he said "add insult to injury." "Rather than plant indigenous" trees, he added, "the tree saplings planted by the JNF in the area designated for the Rawabi projects are typically political-Zionist pinera (conifers).

5. "Obama's "tough budget cuts" in pictures" Look hard for them.

Representative Sample: The anticipated 2012 budget deficit will be $1,500,000 million ($1.5 trillion). This means we are borrowing that amount from our children to fund all of the Democrats' Utopian spending programs.

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  2. my challenge for sh*t for brains randi

  3. regarding Obama's cuts, they have made a mistake with their numbers. In the US, a trillion is 1000 million (not 1000000 million) , so the budget cuts are a little over 50% of the annual deficit (according to their figures).

  4. I posted the comment about Obama's cuts, and was embarrassed to realise that I'd confused trillions with billions. It looks like the blog's numbers are actually right.