Sunday, February 27, 2011

HOT5 Daily 2/27/2011

1. "State of USA, Incorporated" Not a pretty picture.

Representative Sample: KPCB's Mary Meeker has created an extensive report (266 pages) on America's fiscal condition, evaluated as if it were a business. The resulting picture is, to put it bluntly, disturbing.

2. "Iran Is Exploring Nuclear Weapons, Watchdog Says" Most people paying attention have known this for years. But now that even the UN has gotten a clue, I wonder if the various useful idiots denying reality will change their tune. I doubt it.

Representative Sample: The United Nations' nuclear watchdog said it has uncovered new information indicating that Iran is exploring ways to militarize its nuclear program, including ways to affix atomic weapons onto long-range missiles.

3. "A gun buyback program I can really get behind" Group in Texas turns useless/counterproductive gun buyback event into something beneficial.

Representative Sample: About 40 gun buyers, both independent and otherwise, stood in front of the Austin Police Gun Buyback Event offering CASH for the guns they were about to turn in to the city for food cards. As people rolled up, we approached them with our offers, and paid them hard cash after inspecting the guns to make sure they were operable.

4. "The Irrational Atheist: A Refutation" A long but interesting response to an anti-atheist book.

Representative Sample:the profile of the Secretary of State has recently undergone a silent revolution, a far-reaching overhaul of the profile that has been silently accepted by both Democrats and Republicans.

5. "Hesternopothia" Links to a pretty amusing article.

Representative Sample: The Top 10 reasons we should revive the Dark Ages

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