Saturday, February 19, 2011

HOT5 Daily 2/19/2011

1. "The Paranoid Style Is Alive and Well in Some Conservative Quarters" A good critique of Obama Derangement Syndrome.

Representative Sample: One of the most confounding critiques of President Obama from the right has been the expressed belief that the president of the United States has deliberately initiated policies that he knew would injure the economy and the country. In short, Barack Obama wants to destroy America.

2. "Praying Like It's 1399" Excellent points.

Representative Sample: I maintain that the chasm between the Muslim and Western worlds is not so much geographical as it is a distance of time and social evolution.

3. "Iraqi General Turns Down JREF Challenge, Gets Arrested for Bomb Detector Scam" A scam the U.S. spent millions on.

Representative Sample: police finally got around to wondering how a series of blasts had killed hundreds in recent years despite the use of the ADE561. Militants had gotten trucks, buses and cars packed with explosives through Baghdad’s numerous checkpoints, with no trouble – and those checkpoints had been “protected” by the fake device!

4. "Public Sector Unions Have No Right to Collective Bargaining" They aren't bargaining with their actual employers.

Representative Sample: when the teacher’s union in Wisconsin negotiates it is not with the people who pay their salaries, the taxpayers. Instead they bargain with people who are beholden to the unions for funding, campaign workers, and votes.

5. "Canadian court rules baby must die as it decides, not as the parents request" Another example of state control of healthcare.

Representative Sample: This is sure to revive talk of death panels. And I’m afraid I simply don’t understand the reasoning here. But it is a stark example of the state making decisions that should be left to the people involved – in a free country, that is

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