Tuesday, February 15, 2011

HOT5 Daily 2/15/2011

1. "Weaponizing the Poor" Good essay that links to another good essay.

Representative Sample: For nearly 300 years, leftists and their ideological predecessors have been urging the “poor”* to rise up and take from the “rich”. The intellectual justifications for why the poor have a moral and practical right to rise up continuously shift while the practical outcome of who actually ends up with the most benefit remains a constant.

2. "Is Atheist Unbelief 'Rational'?" An excellent response to the common Christian claim that atheism comes from psychological issues and a dislike of the "truth."

Representative Sample: the author gets into the meat of his hypothesis: he quotes the apostle Paul as saying that unbelievers "suppress the truth by their wickedness." In other words, it's a willful disbelief, a not wanting to face the facts of the matter.

3. "Why “Loving The Sinner But Hating The Sin” Is Not An Option When Dealing With Gay People" An argument worth reading.

Representative Sample: the puzzle is how in the world can someone hate a gay person’s sexual identity itself—which is what someone does when they hate the fact that the gay person loves a member of the same sex and has sex with at least one member of the same sex—and yet claim to love that person.

4. "Politician Wants Walmart Banned Because The Store Tempts Shoplifters" Walmart-haters grasping at straws to justify irrational dislike of a store.

Representative Sample: There have been a lot of silly justifications for policies aimed at preventing retail giant Walmart from expanding, but this one voiced by a Washington DC commissioner, takes the cake

5. "Earliest humans not so different from us, research suggests" Interesting.

Representative Sample: There are no such things as modern humans, Shea argues, just Homo sapiens populations with a wide range of behavioral variability. Whether this range is significantly different from that of earlier and other hominin species remains to be discovered.

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