Tuesday, February 22, 2011

HOT5 Daily 2/22/2011

1. "Toward a Rational Foreign Policy" Outstanding essay.

Representative Sample: To begin constructing a rational foreign policy, we need to begin at the center. A policy serves someone's interests. Whose interest does our present foreign policy serve? A rational foreign policy serves the interests of its nation. It's hard to argue that our foreign policy does that. Successive administrations have said that our foreign policy is America because it is moral, or that it is America because it is what makes us a great nation, or similar rhetorical boilerplate with no real meaning.

2. "Bahrain's No Egypt" The Iranian connection.

Representative Sample: For more than a century, Iran and Bahrain disputed over Bahrain’s sovereignty, until a 1970 survey determined that Bahrainis overwhelmingly desired independence. That decision was embraced by Iran’s Shah and ratified by Iran’s parliament, but suspicions still linger.

3. "12 Questions I Wish Christians Could Answer" They'll answer them. It's just that the answers are not at all convincing.

Representative Sample: why did God and then Jesus wait so long in human history to make themselves known? Why did God never show himself to any other cultures besides the ones in Mesopotamia? What about all the millions of people in China, India, the Americas, Europe? Why only to people who were previously exposed to the Sumerian and related religions of which early Judaism is similar? Why couldn’t God bring the same message to all people all over the world on his own?

4. "Why Are Liberals So Mad About Wisconsin?" When you support the party of big government and special interests you get pretty upset when there is a threat to one of the key special interests supporting big government.

Representative Sample: that, my friends, is what this is really about for the left – raw, political power. Remember, if this law is not passed, 10 to 12,000 public sector employees could be laid off. Wisconsin kids are losing many days of education. The unions are suffering a public relations catastrophe over this. So, why are they keeping it up? Because if the public sector unions lose their ability to game the political system, the jig is up for Democrat party and the larger political left – there will be, at that point, no large, powerful interest group determined to defend Big Government

5. "Using magma as a power source? Not as simple as it seems." It doesn't seem simple to me, but still interesting.

Representative Sample: intensionally trying to drill into a magma chamber might be like finding a needle in a haystack (if that haystack was made of solid rock). Of course, there is the concern of what exactly might be the ramification of drilling into an active magma chamber

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