Monday, February 21, 2011

HOT5 Daily 2/21/2011

1. "Transparent Baloney" That about covers it.

Representative Sample: he $60 billion Republicans want to cut still constitutes less than 10% of "discretionary non-security" spending alone. Evidently, even that's far more than the Left can tolerate.

2. "Yusuf al-Qaradawi Raises Danger of Islamist Regime in Egypt" A good run-down. Hopefully the military can keep a lid on things.

Representative Sample: This is exactly what the Israeli government feared, and possible developments like this were discounted by the most euphoric advocates of regime change.

3. "The Language of God: Questions for Atheists" Good points.

Representative Sample: The first path is arguing that absence of evidence is evidence of absence. I know that apologists like William Lane Craig have argued that this is incorrect thinking. However, I think it is valid when applied correctly, in the same way that the professional exterminator who does a thorough investigation, looking everywhere where evidence might be found, concludes that the absence of evidence of termite damage most probably (almost certainly) means an absence of termites.

4. "The Marine Corps Today, Tonight, and Tomorrow" Why we need a strong Marine Corps.

Representative Sample: The USMC’s future lies its creative intellect, professionalism in the study and application of maneuver warfare, and delivering what the Nation needs post in a crisis be it humanitarian relief for disasters or launching forcible maritime operations from sea to attack in the littorals or several hundred miles in land to rescue civilians.

5. "City Journal: Why Not A Negative Income Tax With Cash Subsidies To The Poor?" I haven't seen any discussion of this idea in quite awhile.

Representative Sample: In his 1962 book Capitalism and Freedom, Friedman acknowledged that some form of welfare was necessary in capitalist societies and that the state would likely play a role in its provision. The trick was to imagine a very different, radically improved, and more efficient form of welfare

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