Wednesday, February 2, 2011

HOT5 Daily 2/3/2011

1. "Egypt: An Interview About Why I'm Rarely Interviewed" Good points from one of the better Middle East analysts.

Representative Sample: Egypt is also not the same as other Arab countries. Each country is different. I am enthusiastic about the events in Tunisia and I believe that country will make a transition to democracy because the Islamists are weak while the moderate middle class is relatively strong there, while external issues play a far smaller role than in Egypt.

2. "A Thought on the Muslim Brotherhood in Post-Mubarak Egypt" Let's hope his thought is correct.

Representative Sample: I suspect the Egyptian people cannot help but see the Muslim Brotherhood as the chief enemy of the regime that has brutalized and repressed Egyptians for more than half a century, hence the chief ally and/or representative of anybody who hates Mubarak. While that seemingly puts the MB in the driver's seat for seizing power when the Mubarak regime is ousted, there is a contrarian response that should be noted as well

3. "Where have all the music pirates gone?" Pirating music has lost its popularity?

Representative Sample: Remember when music was cool? Back in the days of Napster, it was music that defined file-sharing; millions of people raced to listen to the most obscure artists found in the libraries of friends and strangers.

4. "Media Upset That The Obama “Transparency” Hasn’t Appeared" You'd think they'd know better by now.

Representative Sample: This is the candidate that touted the improved transparency he would bring to the White House….and we’ve seen none of it. In fact, quite the opposite.

5. "14 YEAR OLD GIRL LASHED TO DEATH BY MUSLIM CLERIC" Reason #3534346002 why many people have strongly negative views of Islam.

Representative Sample: The teenager was accused of having an affair with a married man, police say, and the punishment was given under Islamic Sharia law.

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