Wednesday, February 16, 2011

HOT5 Daily 2/16/2011

1. "The Miseducation of America" Outstanding analysis.

Representative Sample: Americans respect education, but have a limited tolerance for incompetence. Rather than demonstrating intelligence and competence, academia has ushered in intellectual cliques wedded to buzzwords who insist that the world should conform to their research papers, rather than the other way around.

2. "Culture differences matter (even within Islam)" Important points.

Representative Sample: it is very misleading for commentators to make an analogy between Turkish Islamists and the Muslim Brotherhood. The two may both be Islamists, but that is just a term, whose utility and connotations are strongly locally contingent. Barack Obama and Pat Robertson are both Christians, but that means very different things.

3. "Knowing Which Future You Are Looking At" How intelligence models work.

Representative Sample: Since the 1970s, the United States intelligence community (mainly the Department of Defense and the CIA) has been trying to build computer simulations that will accurately predict wars, revolutions or, currently, terrorist attacks. Currently, the United States is spending about $40 million a year on this sort of thing.

4. "Human Rights Watch Appoints Terrorist (and “Human Rights Activist”) to Middle East Advisory Board" Terrorist rights group hires actual terrorist.

Representative Sample: Ken Roth, head of HRW, first denied that Jabarin was ever a member of PFLP, then claimed that if he was, it was ancient history, and then added that he had no such affiliation since he joined Al Haq in 1987, though Roth refused to comment on the Israeli Supreme Court ruling to the contrary.

5. "Another Black Conservative, Another Vile, Racist Attack From the Left" Racism is one of the many things that is ok with the left as long as it's directed at political opponents.

Representative Sample: If you decide to subject yourself to the whole article, you’ll note that not even once does the author attack Cain on his positions – the entire attack is upon him. He is considered not really black because he’s a black man who is conservative…and thus he’s just a Tom, playing up to the Honkey in hopes of getting some crumbs from his master’s table…the fact that Cain is a fabulously wealthy businessman who doesn’t need to get anything from anyone isn’t even mentioned.

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