Friday, February 4, 2011

HOT5 Daily 2/4/2011

1. "Who Will Be President in 2013?" A look at the new electoral breakdown.

Representative Sample: you need to forget just about everything you think you know about winning a presidential election because it is a whole new ballgame as a result of the change in electoral votes and therefore which states are battleground states. The answer to which party will control the White House comes down to a mere handful of states.

2. "Public Safety Or Revenue" Revenue. Causing people to either floor it or slam on the brakes at yellow lights is not conducive to safety.

Representative Sample: Whenever a red light or speed camera is installed the local government tells us it is for the safety of the driving public. The cameras will decrease accidents and will make people drive more safely. It is hard to say one way or the other if the cameras reduce accidents but one thing is clear, they increase revenue and that is the real reason for having them.

3. "NJ Cops Charge 7 Year Old For Bringing Toy Gun To Class" Many of our public schools are run by complete imbeciles.

Representative Sample: He not only brought it to class, the little terrorist actually shot it. Hammonton, New Jersey Police charged 7 year old for bringing the Nerf style toy gun to class and shooting it. No word on whether or not he was aiming at anyone.

4. "Senators call for NATO missile defense in Georgia" Department of really bad ideas. Hey, let's provoke Russia for no good reason and put our advanced technology in an insecure location.

Representative Sample: Four Republican senators are calling on the Obama administration to place a sensitive missile defense-related radar site in Georgia, rather than in Turkey, as is currently planned.

5. "Future of Main Battle Tank Looks Secure" Tanks are still tremendously useful weapon systems.

Representative Sample: for all the talk in recent years of the civilian population representing a center of gravity in COIN operations, and the corresponding need to cut back on air strikes, long-range artillery fires and other initiatives, one aspect of COIN has often been ignored—even with the outreach, local alliance-building and efforts to spare civilians from the ravages of war, the need remains to kill the enemy.

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