Tuesday, February 8, 2011

HOT5 Daily 2/8/2011

1. "The GOP Galaxy" Potential presidential candidates.

Representative Sample: It's a graphic.

2. "And The Sun Rises In The East" That was my reaction as well.

Representative Sample:If the administration were truly concerned with limiting drilling to where it is safer, then they would drop their ideologically-motivated opposition to drilling closer to shore. It would be a lot safer and recovery from accidents would be a lot easier.

3. "Creeping statism" Lightbulb edition.

Representative Sample: That is probably the most galling thing about our friends on the left. Deep down, I’m sure that most of them really want only the best for this country, even if we don’t always agree on what is best. But so many of them seem to think that, if something is good for us, why we ought to use the power of government to force everybody to do what’s good for us.

4. "Epic Fail" How not to counter negative stereotypes of Muslims.

Representative Sample: Muzzammil Hassan was a cable TV producer, who set up his own cable studio to broadcast shows that “promote[d] understanding of his Muslim culture”.

5. "Words help people form mathematical concepts" Interesting research.

Representative Sample: A study based on research on deaf people in Nicaragua who never learned formal sign language showed that people who communicate using self-developed gestures, called homesigns, were unable to comprehend the value of numbers greater than three because they had not learned a language containing symbols used for counting.

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