Tuesday, February 1, 2011

HOT5 Daily 2/1/2011

1. "Middle East Turmoil: Is Saudi Arabia Next?" Probably only a matter of time before there is some sort of upheaval.

Representative Sample: Ten percent unemployment that has persisted for years. Pervasive under-employment for the highly educated. Women largely excluded from the labor force. One out of seven adults who cannot read.

2. "Clueless in Washington" An excellent take-down of the wishful thinking currently in progress.

Representative Sample: According to a Pew opinion survey of Egyptians from June 2010, 59 percent said they back Islamists. Only 27% said they back modernizers. Half of Egyptians support Hamas. Thirty percent support Hizbullah and 20% support al Qaida. Moreover, 95% of them would welcome Islamic influence over their politics. When this preference is translated into actual government policy, it is clear that the Islam they support is the al Qaida Salafist version.

3. "NEO on the Nile?" Hopefully it won't be necessary.

Representative Sample: Continued political turmoil and rioting in Egypt is raising the possibility of a non-combat evacuation operation (NEO) to remove more than 90,000 Americans from that country. While the State Department would prefer the current system of charter flights, the Pentagon is prepared to send in the Marines, if necessary.

4. "Carniculture" Factory-made meat?

Representative Sample: Vat-grown meat has been a staple (!) of the science-fiction diet for as long as I’ve been reading it, which is quite a long time. H. Beam Piper coined the neologism in the headline, so far as I know, back in the Sixties or earlier.

5. "Oil Spill Commission Ignored Mechanical Causes of Spill" Our government in action.

Representative Sample: President Obama’s oil spill commission spent six months examining the “root causes” of the Gulf disaster, yet never inspected the failed blowout preventer — the part of the well that could have, as its name suggests, prevented the explosion.

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  1. atheistmedia.com/2011/01/pz-myers-on-science-and-atheism-natural.html


    Dear PZ... I spoke with God yesterday.... Do you want to know what he told me?


    dawkins - got you...

    who's the WINGNUT?





    an example and warning of the fate of those who try to divide people....


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