Monday, January 31, 2011

HOT5 Daily 1/31/2011

1. "Some Unfashionable Thoughts About Egypt" Another good analysis.

Representative Sample: There are, after all, two different approaches to foreign policy that can be called “conservative”: one points to the spread of democracy as an expression of American greatness and seeks to sweep aside dictatorial rulers in order to promote democratic values, institutions, and elections wherever possible. The other is more strictly power-based: if America’s the good guy, then first we have to make sure that America’s allies are strong and its enemies are weak.

2. "Five questions about Egypt" Questions worth asking.

Representative Sample: having spent the morning watching the Sunday talk shows and the afternoon feverishly updating my Twitter feed, let me take this opportunity to ask as many provocative questions as I can

3. "13% of Science Teachers Are Creationists" Not just believers in creationism, but advocate it in the classroom.

Representative Sample: This is why we need activists in the classroom who are willing to stand up to the Creationists. We need more advocates for good science. If you choose to duck and cover when the subject of evolution comes up, you’re hurting your own students’ education — how can any decent teacher stand by while that happens?

4. "The Unintended (or Not) Consequences of Magazine Capacity "Restrictions"" Debunking the latest gun control nonsense.

Representative Sample: The Arizona shooting has provoked predictable calls for various gun control schemes, each and every one a recycled proven failure, but the most clever and insidious is the banning of large (actually, regular) capacity magazines for semi-automatic firearms.

5. "Clausewitz for Children" Seriously.

Representative Sample: A work in progress: the Children's Illustrated Clausewitz. Because it's never too early to start training them to better understand the role of the military in terms of political objectives.

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