Saturday, January 1, 2011

HOT5 Daily 1/1/2011

1. "The Methodology of Contemporary Progressive Argumentation" A pretty good summary.

Representative Sample: some of the best commentary is at National Review, for example Jonah Goldberg, "The Moral Mush of Pacifism." And especially Victor Davis Hanson, "I, I, Me, Me, My, My — for Pacifism!"

2. "Why You Wouldn’t Find Any Libertarians in 1776" Another interesting argument.

Representative Sample: to an American of the Founding generation, the ideal of autonomy would have contradicted four of the most fundamental physical and psychic facts of life

3. "None Dare Call It Casus Belli" A reminder that we are already fighting a low-level war with Iran. I'm not in favor of a direct attack on Iran, but if there is one -- regardless of its wisdom -- it will be fully justified.

Representative Sample: Iran has considered itself "at war" with the United States for over 30 years. That conflict has flared up numerous times, with actual shots fired and people killed, over those years. There have been attacks and flareups over the years, with fights between their ships and aircraft and our ships and aircraft. But never anything this systemic, this deliberate, this prolonged -- the deployment of ground forces specifically to target and engage and kill our ground forces.

4. "Top 10 UN-believable Moments of 2010" A good video run-down of why the UN has no credibility.

Representative Sample: it's a video.

5. "A Clausewitzian on “Cohesion”" For those interested in military/political theory.

Representative Sample: I think Clausewitz’s speculations on cohesion were, like many of his systemic perceptions in On War, remarkably farsighted and intuitively rooted in a scientific reality that was unknown and untestable in his day.

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