Thursday, January 20, 2011

HOT5 Daily 1/20/2011

1. "Some on the right have given up on Sarah Palin" For good reason in my opinion.

Representative Sample: It pleases me greatly to see people finally seeing Sarah Palin for what she really is; a political opportunist, who has zero business being President of the United States of America, much less anything else.

2. "What’s With the Left’s Hate for Lieberman?" I'm surprised he even has to ask.

Representative Sample: Joe Lieberman is no conservative. But for a quarter of a century he has voted for America’s security over the short-sighted dovishness of his party. His deviations from liberal orthodoxy were few, and more rhetoric than reality. But that was enough to make him a hate figure on the Left.

3. "where would we be?" Without the God of the Gaps.

Representative Sample: It's a cartoon.

4. "Cyber-Abuse and Bullying" A pretty severe case.

Representative Sample: The worst case of cyber-bullying I’ve ever seen recently happened to Dean’s World contributor Celia Farber. Just in mainstream journalism, some of the things I’ve seen written about her have been simply awful. But late last year I bore mute witness as, for weeks, something took place that went into the realm of the surreal: a prominent musician and her cronies, on a public Facebook page read by thousands, openly called for her death–a violent death of torture–over and over again.

5. "Survey Says Today's Kids are Technology Savvy" Just in case you don't have kids and aren't already well-aware of that fact.

Representative Sample: A survey from Internet security firm (and virus protection maker) AVG reveals that more kids know how to play video games than how to ride a bike, swim or even tie their shoes.

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