Sunday, January 2, 2011

HOT5 Daily 1/2/2011

1. "News Headlines We Will See in 2011" Safe predictions.

Representative Sample: I have absolutely no doubt that over the next year, there will probably be several headlines involving a Democrat saying something bat guano crazy about economics. It’s not that Democrats know next to nothing about how the economy works. It’s that they are absolutely, stone cold clueless about the subject. Comparative lit majors didn’t need to take Econ 101 to graduate, so the subject is even less familiar than Mandarin Chinese to most liberals.

2. "Why is America So Bright at Night?" Be glad that it is.

Representative Sample: look at the NASA map stitched together to show what the entire Earth looks like at night.

3. "Old ideas that linger" Something worth pointing out.

Representative Sample: There are many erroneous, old ideas that linger in spite of a reality which constantly refutes the ideas. One such idea has to do with poverty. Most politicians and the media still represent poverty as a matter of a certain class which is static.

4. "The Gathering Storm, Redux" North Korea and the connection to Iran.

Representative Sample: So far, the Obama Administration has given no public indication of how it would react to another nuclear test in North Korea, with or without Iranian participation. Still, there are signs the White House and the Pentagon are hedging their bets.

5. "Islam's Key Quartet" Short but interesting breakdown into categories.

Representative Sample: Over fifty countries have Muslim majorities but just four of them, clustered in a relatively compact geographical region, have special importance in determining Islam's future.

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