Saturday, January 8, 2011

HOT5 Daily 1/8/2011

1. "This Week at War: Gates's China Syndrome" Operating on the basis of wishful thinking about China? It wouldn't be the first time.

Representative Sample: Gates continues to hope that a sustained military-to-military relationship between the United States and China will allow both sides to discuss their intentions and thus avoid dangerous misunderstandings.

2. "A New Bomber and What Else?" Good points.

Representative Sample: Washington has a single-minded focus on the unit cost of military projects instead of examining the warfighting and intelligence-gathering advantages that advanced systems provide.

3. "Americans: not as religious as they think they are" Interesting.

Representative Sample: We've known for a long time that, when asked, people report going to Church more than they actually do. That's not too surprising. It's well known that, when you ask questions that relate to personal esteem, people will tend to tell you what they wish was true, rather than what actually is true.

4. "Legal Crap: Cat Fight Erupts Over Kitty Litter Ads" Ridiculous lawsuit of the day.

Representative Sample: the makers of Arm & Hammer have filed suit against Clorox over some kitty litter ads that they claim are deceptive and seem to show that cats prefer one brand over the other.

5. "The Left Can’t Even Fake Mainstream Anymore" It's hard to appear maintream when you are radical, way out of step with most of the country.

Representative Sample: ook at the past couple years with liberals in charge. Basically every mainstream idea — stopping out of control spending, protecting the border, not letting a mosque be specifically built on the site of an Islamic terror triumph — has been dismissed as racist. That’s because liberals can’t even understand mainstream thought to even debate it anymore.

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