Wednesday, January 19, 2011

HOT5 Daily 1/19/2011

1. "Central and South America Are A Toxic Brew" A bleak picture.

Representative Sample: One could say that during the first decade of the century, nowhere has the intersection of globalization, organized crime and political violence been more fully realized than in Central and South America.

2. "'smart regulation' point of interest" About as smart as "smart power."

Representative Sample: When your regulation is more anti-innovation than the French, you know the pendulum has swung too far. Of course, Barack Obama will never confess that the new, er, "diligence" of the FDA toward medical devices is a policy of his appointees and his administration. In addition to a general antipathy toward enterprise

3. "You’re not my brother, pal" People worry about innocuous x-mas trees on public property. How about a governor who uses his office to preach Christianity?

Representative Sample: I’m fairly confident you’ll agree that a governor should be someone who places the good of the voting public above his private beliefs, but unfortunately it seems as though not everyone shares this attitude

4. "Fannie/Freddie = BIG government. Do Republicans really want smaller government?" Good analysis.

Representative Sample:the profile of the Secretary of State has recently undergone a silent revolution, a far-reaching overhaul of the profile that has been silently accepted by both Democrats and Republicans.

5. "First, Protect the Church" Even if that means protecting molesters.

Representative Sample: I prefer to believe that family members who belong to the Catholic Church aren’t donating their time and sending their money to an organization with morally bankrupt leaders.

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