Monday, January 3, 2011

HOT5 Daily 1/3/2011

1. "NYTimes Nicholas Kristof: Only Big Government can solve “melancholy of the soul” — with more taxes!" No matter what the perceived problem, for the left higher taxes are always one of the answers.

Representative Sample: Kristof, like many Leftists alarmed by the mid-term elections last fall, is scrambling to find another angle in which to maintain and grow an ever intrusive Big Government. Attempts to frame statism as the solution to moral or psychological issues provides yet another glaring contrast to limited-government advocates

2. "Sympathy for the IRS" Workers that is.

Representative Sample: as government becomes more and more controlling of all aspects of the American economy, the same kind of problem that afflicts the IRS and taxpayers today will increasingly afflict all industries, their customers, and their suppliers.

3. "Atheists Never" Things atheists never do.

Representative Sample: If you’re interested in crazy things done in the name of religion, this is the site for you.

4. "Hillary to Hugo: “Use me! Abuse me!”" Too chummy with our enemies.

Representative Sample: Following a short-lived, albeit modest, display of gonadal fortitude, the Obama administration is back to appeasing Hugo Chavez.

5. "Special Review: Deadly Weapons for small UAVs" Interesting review of developments.

Representative Sample: The capability of armed forces to employ ‘Kinetic effects’ by unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) have evolved in the past decade from science fiction into reality.

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