Friday, January 7, 2011

HOT5 Daily 1/7/2011

1. "When It Comes to CBO Reports, Trust but Verify" Things to keep in mind whenever any politician or partisan pundit cites a CBO report.

Representative Sample: it can’t favor one party over the other, it is also not allowed to think for itself. When Congress asks the CBO to score the cost of a bill, it can only use the assumptions given to it.

2. "Killer Drones, Jamming Jets Win Big in New Pentagon Budget" Good news?

Representative Sample: Gates’ plan to trim around $100 billion from Pentagon accounts over the next five years — the details of which he announced today — is being billed as a budget cut. Actually, Gates’ latest (and likely last) budget exercise represents a net boost for stuff that flies, swims, crawls and shoots. Especially the things that fly.

3. "Why Are Believers So Hostile Toward Atheists?" A perceptive analysis.

Representative Sample: Why is it so important for so many believers to see religion as the only possible source of hope and joy and meaning... and to see religion-less people as intrinsically cut off from everything that makes life worth living?

4. "What happens when you reduce regulations?" Cutting government red tape stimulates business growth -- something most Democrats don't understand.

Representative Sample: Entrepreneurs create jobs, wealth and happy customers.

5. "UFC Fighter Earns a Visit from the Secret Service" Some people still haven't learned that the Secret Service does not have a sense of humor when it comes to anything that might be perceived as a threat against the president.

Representative Sample: Jacob Volkmann, a lightweight mixed martial arts fighter affiliated with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, isn’t very fond of President Obama’s health care reforms.

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