Tuesday, January 11, 2011

HOT5 Daily 1/11/2011

1. "The Hateful Left" A good analysis.

Representative Sample: while little useful can be said about the murders themselves, the rush to narrative of our dishonest and increasingly desperate leftist media does have to be addressed. The Left—which has been unable to discover any common feature uniting acts of Islamist violence worldwide—nonetheless instantly noticed a bridge between the Tucson shooting and its own political opponents.

2. "Inflamed, Honest Rhetoric vs. Calm, Civil Smears: Which Is Preferable?" Exactly. The hypocrisy of people talking about "civility" while smearing political opponents as complicit in murder is staggering.

Representative Sample: Conservatives who have watched liberals blame them for an awful shooting understand exactly what I mean when I say this: that issuing a brutally ugly and false accusation, while wearing a mask of smiles and civility, is not civil. It is ugly and partisan and disgusting — far more so than any inflamed rhetoric, as long as that rhetoric is honest — and free from actual threats of violence.

3. "India Keen Not To Come Second To China In Africa" Economic competition.

Representative Sample: The Indian government is raising its diplomatic profile in Africa, with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his cabinet leading several business delegations in recent years. Indian companies want to keep up with China’s business profile in Africa, taking advantage of historical ties with the continent.

4. "Major Religions of the World Ranked by Number of Adherents" People with no religion at all number 3?

Representative Sample: It's a chart.

5. "Political opportunism never lets a crisis go to waste" Especially if it can be used to smear the right.

Representative Sample: all of this angst over political rhetoric is so overwrought and overblown as to be laughable. There has never been a time in the history of this land that the language hasn’t been rough or partisan. Never. Pretending this is the worst it has ever been is simply historically inaccurate.

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