Tuesday, January 18, 2011

HOT5 Daily 1/18/2011

1. "Civil Rights and civility" One of the many examples of why I laugh at the notion that demonizing political opponents is somehow exclusive to the right.

Representative Sample: In light of the Left's new-found fondness for "civility", perhaps we should look at the inflammatory rhetoric directed squarely at the Republican party (and in general, all who hold conservative beliefs) by the very people who claim absolute moral authority on matters of tolerance and equality.

2. "The government is a poor assigner of resources" Understatement. Links to an article about the waste of money on non-existent "green jobs."

Representative Sample: It’s not like these grants are being given to research and development programs at big name schools focusing on developing new renewable energy technology, either. They’re being given to universities and community colleges to train students in technical or associate degree programs to work in yet-to-be-developed fields.

3. "Can Andrew Sullivan Be Far Behind Jared Loughner?" I was wondering if someone would go there.

Representative Sample: Who's to say? But one can do is to look at similar milestones that Jared Loughner had left and see how they stack up against Andrew Sullivan. Maybe-- before it's too late-- an intervention could be set up so that no one can be hurt. This time.

4. "56% of Democrats Believe Palin Map Myth" The big lie technique apparently convinced a majority of Democrats and a fair amount of others lacking logical reasoning ability.

Representative Sample: That a total of 35% of people (and 56% of Democrats) believe that a Palin map Loughner never saw contributed in some meaningful way to the shooting demonstrates the method to the madness of those who were spreading the Palin map myth before all the dead had been counted.

5. "IAI delivers 12 UAVs to Russia in key deal" Arms deals as a method of diplomacy. I'm skeptical about the wisdom of Israeli thinking.

Representative Sample: The delivery of the short-range Bird-Eye 400 and I-View Mk 150 aircraft, plus the longer-range Searcher II, in recent weeks is part of an Israeli effort to encourage the Russians not to provide Iran and Syria with advanced weapons systems that could threaten the Jewish state

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