Thursday, January 13, 2011

HOT5 Daily 1/13/2011

1. "Progressives and Blood Libel" A must-link for the cartoon.

Representative Sample: It's a cartoon and links to some good articles.

2. "Somebody Could Have Gotten Killed" A good response to a William Saletan anti-gun article at Slate.

Representative Sample: The gun control folks want us to surrender our right to arm and defend ourselves and turn that responsibility over to the government. The government, time and time again, fails miserably at this. Think of what law enforcement typically does. They arrive after the crime has been committed or is in progress and they investigate and prosecute.

3. "A rant on the evolution of religion" That makes some excellent points.

Representative Sample: we are no more naturally religious than we are naturally football fans, or concert goers.

4. "Raising taxes: it’s what Democrats do!" Of course. Big government requires constant infusions of money.

Representative Sample: In last November’s elections, the Democrats retained control of both houses of the Illinois state legislature, though by diminished margins, and the gubernatorial seat. So, the old legislature rushed through a big tax increase, just hours before the new legislature was to be seated.

5. "Prepare Yourself for Rising Food Prices" From what I've observed they've already been going up. I'm not looking forward to further increases.

Representative Sample: Get ready for even higher food prices. The Financial Times reports that we’re getting closer to food price shock. While it will be difficult for us here in the US, it will be devastating for developing countries.

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  1. @4: Quinn ran on a platform of raising taxes to balance the budget. The Illinois state legislature is giving the people of Illinois exactly what they want.