Friday, February 18, 2011

HOT5 Daily 2/18/2011

1. "This is The Week that Should End Public Sector Unions" If only.

Representative Sample: the teachers’ union and their Democratic supporters have conceded the argument. They could not defend their refusal of Governor Walker’s relatively small demands and so they launched into ridiculous ad hominem, violent rhetoric (shudder!), and, eventually, cowardly flight. We should take instruction from what has happened in Wisconsin over the past two days. Public sector unions are, as I have said before, a blight on our states and nation.

2. "Disenfranchised Over There (Again)" And Democrats want to keep it that way.

Representative Sample: the Federal government passed a law that set mandatory deadlines for the mailing of absentee ballots to overseas military personnel. Additionally, some states and localities extended the deadline for receiving absentee ballots and kept counting past the usual cut-off date. But other states and municipalities refused to follow those reforms, guaranteeing that absentee ballots from many members of the armed forces would go uncounted.

3. ""Saudi Arabia is very, very scared now"" It's rulers should be scared. And no doubt they are wondering if the U.S. will turn on them.

Representative Sample: Despite denials from sources close to the Bahraini government, credible rumors of Saudi tanks and troops on the ground in Bahrain are widespread, as the ruling Bahraini House of Khalifa desperately reasserts control in the capital after initially ceding the central Pearl Square to tens of thousands of anti-government protesters.

4. "If He Was Going To Lead, Wouldn't He Have Done It By Now?" Obama isn't a leader, he's a talker.

Representative Sample: Why is his latest budget a surprise? Stop expecting this guy to lead, have a plan, or make anything resembling a hard decision. He's just winging the whole thing, except for the speeches.

5. "Somali Pirates- An Asian Concern?" It's amazing the the pirate threat has been allowed to continue to grow. It's a prime example of the crippling effects of blind legalism.

Representative Sample: Admiral Willard, Commander, U.S. Pacific Command says Somali pirates threaten Asia. Reported as Somali pirates heading to Asia

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