Friday, April 1, 2011

HOT5 Daily 4/1/2011

1. "NATO Reconsidered" A good analysis.

Representative Sample: The Alliance's eager quest for a convincing new role has led to mission creep on a grand scale. A new strategic concept formulated in 1991 tried to define a new threat environment that lacked any real dangers to its members. So security was redefined as not only a military issue, but one with political, economic, social, and environmental dimensions.

2. "Must-Read Study: Too Many Consumer Choices Bad For You" Too much freedom interferes with you doing what your betters think you should do.

Representative Sample: These researchers seem to have concluded that a free society makes it hard for these same researchers to force their beliefs on the rest of us dumb people.

3. "Whose Cyberspace Is It?" What exactly is the military's cyber command supposed to protect?

Representative Sample: Cyber Command was activated last year, but after testimony at a Senate hearing this week it appears the question of how wide-ranging the command's mission will be is not completely resolved.

4. "Sullivan Prepared for Impeachment of Dictatorial Obama" The hysterical Sullivan is usually good for a laugh. What's even funnier is that he has a large readership who actually takes him seriously.

Representative Sample: Sullivan is apoplectic with rage. Seriously, has Sullivan been paying the slightest attention to this administration?

5. "13 Shanzhai Sound-Alike Fakes" Chinese rip-off products.

Representative Sample: The Chinese deal in two kinds of knock-offs. The counterfeit, which looks like a real name brand product, but merely has a fraudulent label sewn on to appear genuine and then the Shanzhai, which almost look and sound close to a real name brand.

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