Friday, April 8, 2011

HOT5 Daily 4/8/2011

1. "Our energy future should involve a lot of shale gas–if our government will allow it" That's a big if.

Representative Sample: the map points to a bonanza of natural gas that is technically recoverable, would cover our own domestic needs easily (and may see some oil dependent means of transportation and energy production look toward to switching to cleaner burning natural gas) and even have us exporting the product versus importing it.

2. "Iron Dome Intercepts Palestinian GRADs" Palestinians busy firing rockets at Israel again.

Representative Sample: Israel’s newest rocket interceptor ‘Iron Dome’ was tested today in combat for the first time, intercepting GRAD rockets fired from the Gaza strip.

3. "Thought Gestapo in Action at Rollins College" Leftist academics not exactly supportive of free speech unless they agree with it.

Representative Sample: Some members of the academic establishment at Rollins College were outraged that Ms. Pizzi would dare harbor such “extreme” views, much less commit them to writing. Worse, in the opinion of the intelligentsia, was the fact that The Sandpiper actually published such “inflammatory” opinions.

4. "New Atheist Swimsuit Calendar Coming Soon" Pretty funny.

Representative Sample: I'm not sure if this is a jest or an actual project in the works

5. "Sen. Hatch Wants More Porn Prosecutions" Republican-led bipartisan stupidity.

Representative Sample: Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) has sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder demanding more federal obscenity prosecutions. The letter was co-signed by more than 100 other senators and congressmen.

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