Tuesday, April 5, 2011

HOT5 Daily 4/5/2011

1. "A Decade of Wishful Thinking" Wishful thinking is common in foreign policy. Here's one of many examples.

Representative Sample: Bashar's "reformer" label still sticks -- on March 27, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton became the latest to apply it to him. Faced with a nationwide uprising against his regime in recent weeks, Bashar has once again promised reforms, but his government continues to harshly crack down on any hint of protest; demonstrations in the city of Douma on April 1 were met with deadly force, resulting in 8 casualties. It may be time for all those Western officials who defended Bashar over the years to reconsider just how much of a "reformer" their man in Damascus truly is.

2. "Sizing Up China's Military Capabilities" An interesting analysis.

Representative Sample: It is no secret that long-term U.S. Air Force and Navy planning is focused on China. This alone is straining U.S.-China relations, as well as triggering U.S. domestic criticism from those who regard war with China as inconceivable, and an internal squabble between China-focused planners and “boot-centric” Army and Marine Corps leaders.

3. "Has the Freedom From Religion Foundation weighed in on the Koran-burning/Afghan murders?" I checked its site and the answer appears to be no.

Representative Sample: where’s FFRF? Where’s Annie Gaylor, using this horrible event as proof that mindless devotion to “organized religion” turns people into unthinking, unfeeling animals whose only desire in life is to do the will of Odin as determined by whatever religious charlatan is interpreting the entrails this week?

4. "Do the Math" Regarding gun control supporters.

Representative Sample: they fail to do some basic math on their own assertions

5. "Latest Offense to Allah That Must Be Murdered Away: Singing In Praise of God" I wonder if Lindsey Graham and other useful idiots think we should restrict singing to avoid trigger the murderous rage of Islamic fanatics.

Representative Sample: Psychopaths don't need a reason to kill. They never have. They just need an opportunity.

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