Tuesday, April 26, 2011

HOT5 Daily 4/26/2011

1. "The Syrian Timebomb" As Syria grows more unstable, what desperate measures might be tried to keep the regime in power?

Representative Sample: If Assad finds himself unable to contain the unrest he may tempted to unleash Hezbollah, not just against Bahrain, or against Hariri but to strike at the only target hated by the entire Arab World — Israel. A war with Israel might temporarily unify the dissenters in his country.

2. "Obama Deflects Gas Price Outrage With Anti-Corporate Scapegoating" What else is new.

Representative Sample: before we kick off this latest round of scapegoating — scapegoating being the necessary relief valve for populist leaders who mix impossible promises of utopian “unity” with impractical prescriptions for radical “change” — some context from the beginning of the year might not be out of the question

3. "You're All Nuts!" A look at the reasons behind the popularity of conspiracy theories.

Representative Sample: It's a familiar rationale for conspiracy theorists: They investigate as much in sorrow as in anger. They are always just one confession away from the truth.

4. "Lack of Imagination" In options for education. Links to another good article.

Representative Sample: In most people’s lifetimes, there has never been a robust network of private school options to fit all needs and budgets, so folks assume that that such choices can’t exist

5. "India world's largest combat aircraft buyer: SIPRI " U.S. top seller.

Representative Sample: According to a report released Wednesday by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), a total of 50 countries bought 995 warplanes during 2005-09,

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