Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obama's Birth Certificate

President Obama released his long form birth certificate, apparently in response to the recent upsurge in birtherism, led by Donald Trump. As everyone not a conspiracy theorist already knew, it shows that he was born in Hawaii. This action by the president raises two main questions:

1. Why did the president wait until 2011 to make this form public? After all, birtherism started before the 2008 election. Birthers have been howling to see the long-form birth certificate for years. In my opinion he held it back for political reasons. The birther movement was a useful tool for painting political opponents as crazies. I'm not sure why that calculus changed, but it appears that Obama decided the issue was hurting now more than helping.

2. Will this convince the birthers? Will they stop thinking Obama was born in Kenya, Indonesia or wherever? Will they believe this birth certificate is real, or will there be a new conspiracy theory regarding it? Conspiracy theorists are normally oblivious to evidence and facts. Will the birth certificate release put a dent in the birther movement, or will it continue as strong as ever?


  1. It will continue strong as ever. The birther movement is rooted in racism and anti muslim sentiment, and I don't see that dying away any time soon.

    I realized, after looking at Obama's birth certificate, that I didn't know that much about my husband. I mean, I know he was born in Philly, but not in what hospital, etc. Really unnecessary for anyone to see another persons's birth certificate, in my opinion.

  2. when a conspiracy theory is wrong, they release the evidence to prove that the conspiracy theorists are wrong. But when the conspiracy theorists are right, they pretend not to listen to those theorists at all...
    Obama is a good man anyways, he seems to be the only president with least number of skeletons in the closet.


  3. The least number of skeletons in the closet? I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that.

    *cough* Bill Ayers *cough*

    And the fact that you're all convinced his certificate is real just proves that it's been forged. Don't you see this is a conspiracy?

  4. This was a brilliant move by Obama. In one quick movve he:

    1. Sowing dissent amongst Republicans. He gave Trump (who will never win the Republican primaries) a big club to beat other Republican hopefuls with.

    2. Inoculate the population against this idiotic meme.

    3. Point out (again) the lunacy of the birthers, and make them look like a fringe movement.

    4. Deflect any attempts by Republicans to keep him off state ballots.