Monday, April 11, 2011

HOT5 Daily 4/11/2011

1. "The Magic Stone" Good article on Ivory Coast.

Representative Sample: One of the reasons for the equal-opportunity brutality is that the same soldiers are often fighting on both sides. They just switch uniforms depending on who is paying this month. The Christian Science Monitor interviewed Liberian mercenaries who regaled them with stories about committing atrocities for one faction and then the other.

2. "Painfully Obvious Need for Government Employment Benefit Reform" Not to mention cuts in the numbers of government employees.

Representative Sample: Only the mathematical illiterates holding the reins of the Democrat Party think this sort of thing is sustainable.

3. "Arab League to appeal for no-fly zone over Gaza" I predicted this after we signed on to the foolish UN resolution on Libya -- not that it required any special predictive powers.

Representative Sample: the Arab bloc in the United Nations has been directed to ask for the convention of the Security Council to stop the Israeli aggression on Gaza and impose a no-fly zone.

4. "When Too Much Money’s the Problem…" Pointing out what you might think would be obvious.

Representative Sample: government subsidies to health care consumption, in the form of such programs as Medicare and Medicaid as well as employer tax exclusions for health insurance benefits, contribute to the rapid growth in health care costs.

5. "What Couples Really Argue About" I'm skeptical. It seems they are overthinking it.

Representative Sample: Ignoring the influence of the subconscious—motivations we may be unaware of because they come from ancient biological impulses no longer immediately relevant to our modern lives—risks misunderstanding what a disagreement is truly about and can sabotage our response to another person's feelings even though we mean well.

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