Tuesday, April 12, 2011

HOT5 Daily 4/12/2011

1. "Obama’s “New” Plan To Fix Economy? Same As The Last….Raise Taxes" When you are a tax and spend Democrat, raising taxes is always one of the answers to any economic situation.

Representative Sample: That tax increase, while the economy is still in shambles will hurt those who need tax CUTS the most. Small business owners. The ones who will employ those currently out of work. If you hurt them, then they go out of business and take the jobs with them.

2. "The Battle for Syria" Much more important than Libya, but getting much less attention.

Representative Sample: the real battle for the future of the Middle East isn't being fought in Benghazi, Cairo, or even Manama, but in the streets of Damascus, Baniyas, Homs and a dozen other Syrian cities.

3. "From an Arab Spring to a Muslim Winter"A bleak but probably accurate picture.

Representative Sample: Most revolutions like to call themselves democratic, because democracy is disruptive to the old order. But their revolutions are only democratic means toward authoritarian ends. The ultimate victory of one faction or another. And they typically have as much use for democracy, as the Muslim armies who captured Alexandria had for its library.

4. "Politically Correct, Geometrically Ignorant and Other P.C. Insanity" That pretty much covers it.

Representative Sample: Just when you thought political correctness couldn’t get any worse

5. "History: The 8 Civilian Recipients Of the Medal Of Honor And The Purge Of 1917" Interesting historical post.

Representative Sample: I have talked about William ‘Buffalo Bill’ Cody and his Medal of Honor. It is significant, because he was awarded this medal for heroism, as a civilian contractor. What is not talked about though, are the other 7 civilians that were the recipients of this medal, to include the only female recipient Dr. Mary Walker.

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