Wednesday, April 13, 2011

HOT5 Daily 4/13/2011

1. "Interviewing Thomas Sowell About Economic Facts And Fallacies" Short but good interview.

Representative Sample: One of the biggest taxes is a hidden tax and I’m not referring just to sales taxes or things like that, but to inflation. They may not be taxed, but the company who produces their electricity will be taxed and their electric bills will go up.

2. "Five hard truths about the Middle East" More like opinions, but still interesting.

Representative Sample: periodically, it is important to strip away the coats of speechwriter- and communiqué-applied varnish and get to the core realities of situations that have been spun so often that they have started to resemble gyroscopes. The simplest way to do this is to ask direct questions and get direct answers.

3. "The Male-Female Wage Gap Myth" I'm sure this won't go over well with the cult of victimization.

Representative Sample: Carrie Lukas, executive director of the Independent Women’s Forum, shatters it using those little things people who espouse collectivist class warfare, pitting one group of people against another, hate: facts.

4. "Lashkar-e-What? Tehrik-i-Who?" Keeping track of all the terrorist groups in Pakistan is a full-time job.

Representative Sample: How many terror groups are there in Pakistan, and what do they all want?

5. "Why I’m Leaving The GOP, Again" I find this sort of thing silly. Try recognizing that the GOP is the lesser of two evils, instead of something that is going to conform to all your principles. A party that does is completely irrelevant.

Representative Sample: news that the pathetic so-called “spending cut” deal that the big spenders (Obama, Reid, Nancy Boehner, McConnell) in DC cut was a COMPLETE SCAM is too much to take. I’m done, again, with this pathetic party.

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