Wednesday, April 6, 2011

HOT5 Daily 4/6/2011

1. "How Can Anyone Take This Seriously?" A good pox on both their houses article, but still, the GOP is the lesser evil.

Representative Sample: The U.S. is running deficits somewhere between one and one and a half trillion dollars, and in Washington the Republicans and Democrats are still squabbling over petty change.

2. "Man Beats Suspect: Faces Jail" Our legal system in action.

Representative Sample: were that the real story, Officer Hebert would be getting commendations and parades from the city for arresting this fellow, Hardy, who is now charged in a number of different child molestations

3. "Why Do Atheists Have to Advertise?" Makes some good points about the various atheist advertising campaigns.

Representative Sample: The first thing you have to remember is this: Not all atheist ads campaigns are created equal. Different atheist organizations create different ad campaigns, with different goals, and different strategies for achieving those goals. So when you ask, "Why do atheists have to advertise?", the first question you have to answer is, "Which atheists?"

4. "Why the World Needs Nuclear Power" It should be obvious that we need nuclear power.

Representative Sample: James Hansen, the head of NASA’s Goddard Institute, explains how future fourth generation nuclear power plants will be cleaner and safer because they will be able to burn highly radioactive spent fuel rods. Harnessing this technology will be pivotal for America’s future

5. "The Best Book in the Bible" Analysis based on the Skeptics Annotated Bible.

Representative Sample: One way to try to determine it, though, would be to identify all the passages in the Bible that contain ideas that you consider good, and then compare the number of good passages found in each book of the Bible.

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