Friday, April 15, 2011

HOT5 Daily 4/15/2011

1. "Obama’s Do Nothing Deficit Plan" Excellent points.

Representative Sample: The deficit plan presented by Obama is atrocious. In short, he doesn’t want to cut entitlements (so there’s no real long-term solution) and he wants to raise taxes.

2. "Obama vs. Perón: In Their Own Words" Comparison.

Representative Sample: Using the transcript of yesterday's speech by President Obama regarding the budget deficit, let's compare and contrast various highlights with the famous speech of Juan Perón in 1950, in which he described the tenets of his philosophy of centralized government.

3. "A holiday message from Ricky Gervais: 'Why I'm a good Christian'" Pretty good.

Representative Sample: The title of this one is a little misleading, or at least cryptic. I am of course not a good Christian in the sense that I believe that Jesus was half man, half God, but I do believe I am a good Christian compared to a lot of Christians.

4. "Obamanomics: Workforce Smallest Since Reagan; Men Have Lowest Employment Rate On Record" I knew things were bad, but this is surprising.

Representative Sample: This is bad. Get me a Bipartisan Commission, stat!

5. "Hizballah Exploiting Wikileaks Cables" The full scope of the damage to U.S. foreign policy from Manning's treason and Wikileaks is hard to overestimate.

Representative Sample: The Wikileaks cables, which show an embattled politician playing power politics against Hizballah, are characterized by Hizballah to try to show pro-Western forces as Saudi and American puppets.

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